Brag Swag is a small, family-owned creative design shop located in the Northern Virginia area. We supply unique, quality apparel and gear for adults, kids and infants. In addition to our retail products, we provide custom graphic design and screen printing services. Brag Swag sells and ships nationwide through our website. Our apparel and gear are also available through our retail partners and at select events. Sign up for our newsletter to receive 20% off your first online order!

What Our Customers Say About Brag Swag!

I have a large internet based running group of over 5000 unique and wonderful slow runners….Brag Swag worked with me to come up with an AMAZING unique and original logo, and was so patient with all the questions throughout the entire process. The shirts were such a hit!!! It allows my running group from all over the US to find each other at races. The quality, the colors…all just outstanding.


We worked with Brag Swag for two years now with our high school marching band- easy process and the final product was perfect on both occasions. The kids loved the shirts! My favorite part was interacting with Brag Swag about the design. Our final design this year was very different from the first proposal. They did a great job figuring out what we wanted and producing a shirt that met our needs. Thanks Brag Swag!


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